They give both school and donors the opportunity to efficiently invest in a Center for Training and Technology, achieving an impact in education.



In charge of infrastructure and furnishing; according to an attached form where all the requirements of electricity, infrastructure and furnishing are specified.


As a link, implementor entity, and donor of a % of funds.


As financial source of a % of funds.

The three-way collaboration between school, donor and Funsepa makes every entity responsible for a part of the project.

Each Center for Training and Technology includes:

1 Server with WIRELESS network

Allowing for wireless web for all computers and containing the following educational resources:

  • My fist Encarta
  • Children’s literature
  • Edulibre: a free software created by engineering students from USAC and supported by the Guatemalan Ministry of Education.
  • Educational Material including games, videos, reading materials that work alongside the READ TOGETHER program developed by the Ministry of Education.
  • Khan Academy Lite: The most widely used mathematical platform worldwide, with content developed by Harvard and MIT. KALite allows children to learn through videos (more than 1,000 in Spanish) and practice their skills with over 4,000 exercises.
  • Wikipedia
  • Dictionary
  • Translator
  • Flash educational games / Math and logic
  • Rachell Resources (Remote Area Community Hotspot for Education)
  • Guatemalan Portal: County-specific content.
  • Tools for Teachers (CNB, teacher guides, illustrations, methodologies, USAID books).
  • School texts in Languages and Mathematics (elementary grades)
  • Portals for Practical Solutions
  • Vedoque Game
  • Illustrated Health Encyclopedia
  • Health Guides (for places with no access to doctors, dentists)
  • 300 large world books from the Gutemberg Project.

16 computers

All centers will have 16 flat-screen computers with original licenses for Office 2013 and Windows 8.1, all transported and installed by Funsepa.

Equipment Guarantee

Funsepa will be responsible for any damage incurred to the equipment during the first six months of installation, with the understanding that accidents or damage that results from misuse or negligence shall not be covered under the guarantee.

Teacher training

Training for ALL the teachers at the school.

Sustainability and Maintenance Manual

This guide is given to the director of the school, after the installation of the equipment, and includes successful examples of how to make the technology center sustainable and a guide to the resources installed in the equipment.

Monitoring and Evaluation

Funsepa will follow up with the school for two years after the installation of equipment in order to monitor and evaluate the equipment and address any problems that arise. In the first year, we do three on site visits, the second year we monitor by phone and email.

Guide for Maintenance and Repair of Basic Hardware and Software

A kit of instructional CDs on how to fix the most common problems with the equipment.

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