Khan Academy / KA-Lite

Khan Academy

In 2014, Funsepa started a new adventure. Joining forces with Khan Academy (an organization that looks for  giving free world-class education to anyone, anywhere) and the Foundation for Learning Equality (the creators of ‘KA Lite’, the offline version of ‘Khan Academy’), clearly focusing in improving the math knowledge in elementary schools.

Funsepa, MANAUS and Fordham University are currently doing a research that measures the impact in the use of the ‘Khan Academy’ and ‘KA Lite’ platforms.

The feedback given by students and teachers has been very positive. Many have taken this tool outside the school hours. It also has allowed the teachers to organise their time in a more efficient way, creating a more customized education.

We have to acknowledge that our children face a more challenging and competitive world. We need a new education model that gives them the tools necessary to be successful in the world they live in. In Funsepa, the implementation of Khan Academy is seen as a way to leapfrog 40 years of educational improvements and give the education that our children need and deserve.