Sergio Paiz Andrade

In 2002, Sergio Paiz Andrade passed away while working for Guatemala’s development. Inspired by his entrepreneurial spirit, technological curiosity, and his vocation as an educator, we’ve created Funsepa.

Sergio firmly believed in the power of technology as a tool for development, and that belief has become the guiding vision for the foundation. Funsepa’s goal is to improve the education quality in Guatemala through innovating use of technology.

In an era where technology is an essential condition for development, the access is no longer a privilege; it must be a human right.

There are 3.2 million children in Guatemala between 6 and 15 years old, and 18000 public elementary schools, of which 93% have not access to technology. At Funsepa we work tirelessly in order to give this right to all the schools in the country, in order to make an impact in our education, improving our children’s competitiveness at a global market level.


To support the development of Guatemala, improving the education through technology.


To be the leading organization, pioneer and innovative in the scope of education through technology, in order to impact and transcend Guatemala’s development.