Supplying Technology

Supplying Technology

Technology for Education (TPE):

A program created with an innovative vision, focused in change. Its goal is to establish a self-sustainable program that is capable of continuously providing used computers to all the public schools in the country.

TPE was formed by an alliance of various sectors that share the same vision: to improve the quality of education of the children in Guatemala.

Private companies, non-governmental organizations, foundations and international organizations participate in this alliance.

In order to accomplish this goal, TPE manages the Computer Reconditioning Center.

Reconditioning Center

Our refurbishing Center is a space within the foundation where WASTE COMES IN… AND OPPORTUNITIES COME OUT.

Our center receives all sort of electronic hardware; it is repaired and refurbished to turn them into functional computers. Then, these computers are delivered, without any cost, to the public schools around the country.

The computers we deliver have original use licenses, provided by Microsoft, and education tools and resources that help both teacher and students in the educational process.

We work in alliance with Heineman Foundation and the North Carolinas HealthCare System. They donate equipment in excellent conditions, it is brought into the country from Charlotte, NC, thanks to the support from Chiquita Banana, who donates physical space in their containers for the transportation of the equipment.

As a part of TPE’s philosophy, we’ve integrated the component of social reintegration to our hiring practices, since we give to at-risk youth the opportunity to work at the Computer Reconditioning Center.

Everything Counts

Mouses, keyboards, CPUs, laptops, Mac, etc. When we say everything, we mean EVERYTHING